Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shadow Box

My daughter is almost a year old, and I have yet to do anything with her things from the hospital. So while at Michaels the other night, I picked up a 12X12 shadow box and decided to get her things displayed finally!

 This is the shadow box I picked up, on clearance, for $19.99!
Here's the final product. Not much direction needed, its more a fill as you'd like deal. Some tips though? The shadow box itself came with 4 pins. I used them to help keep the items in place, but it wasn't quite enough. So I made some small tape balls and taped the items to the black padded backing. It worked like a charm! Everything stayed in place perfectly!

I absolutely cannot believe this preemie pajama used to be big on my sweet little girl!! Shes growing up way to fast!

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