Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chalkboard Baskets

I love being organized. I love labels. And I love everything having it's own place to call home, and being IN that home. My OCD love this part of me. Remember how back at the menu board post I said how I was trying to get the refrigerator cleaned up? Well I am sick of bags of onions and russet, red, and sweet potatoes uglifying (is that even a word? no. I just made it one) the top of my refrigerator. I wanted needed a way to organize! I found these lovely chalkboard baskets, as seen above, at target for $39.99. The exact same amount I pay for 240 size 3 diapers. There was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I was paying $40 for a basket I knew I could make myself! So after my target trip I made a trip to Michaels to find some materials. 

 I got this 15yard bunch of natural jewelry string for under $2.

 This can of chalkboard paint, which you can make yourself, I haven't ventured into that just yet, was around $8. A little pricey but you know I'll be using it again!

I got a pack of 8 2x4inch wood pieces for under $5. I drilled 2 holes, one on each side, just big enough for my string to go through and sanded over the holes.

And I got 2 of these baskets. Originally they were $19.99 a piece but Michaels had them 40% off so I paid about $12 for each! SCORE!

I took my 2 wood pieces outside and sprayed them with the chalkboard paint. Follow the directions on your can of spray paint! My impatientness (look another new word) got the best of me and I didn't listen when it said to wait 24 hours before using for the first time, and I ruined my first 2 pieces of wood and had to start over. sigh.

Once youve waited the required amount of time, "break in" your chalkboard by rubbing chalk over the surface. Then wipe it clean with a chalkboard eraser, or paper towel.

I wrote on my chalkboards "onions" and "potatoes". Then fed the string though the pre-drilled holes. Place the chalkboard onto the face of your basket and secure it by tying the strings to the basket. Cut off any extra string.

BAM! Chalkboard baskets! Target wanted $40 for just one basket. I made 2 chalkboard baskets for well under $40! 
Crafty mommy - 1 Overpriced Store - 0

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