Saturday, February 18, 2012

Easy Water Bombs

Our daughter loves bathtime. She would spend hours in the tub if we would let her. I'm always on the lookout for new bath toys, especially ones that double as learning toys! I found an easy peasy bath toy craft and I had to give it a try myself!

All you need is: A pack of sponges, just be sure they are the ones without the scrubby pad! That could be painful. A pair of scissors, and some fishing line!

First, cut your sponge in half lengthwise. 

 Then cut each half into half. Basically you want to quarter your sponge lengthwise. I also trimmed off the wavey parts from my sponge. Try to find straight sided sponges, I had no luck. Do this for all of your sponges. 

Make a stack 2 sponges high, 4 sponges wide (this was before I trimmed my wavey sides), alternating colors. And slip a piece of fishing line underneath the stack of sponges. Tie the fishing line as tightly as you can, and trim the excess line. Do this for the remaining sponges.

And there you have it. Super simple water bombs. Lauryn got more of a kick out of these things dry than she did in the bathtub They'll be fun in the summer when we can violently throw toss them at each other to cool off. Plus they're bound to help her learn colors!

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