Friday, February 10, 2012

Menu Board

Menu Boards are HUGE right now. Pinterest is filled with so many different ideas for menu boards. I typically create a 2 week menu at a time and do all my grocery shopping at once, minus picking up some fresh veggies and fruits as we may need them. The list, written on a piece of boring school notebook paper hangs on our refrigerator and we eventually make our way through that list, and onto another. But I've honestly been trying to keep our fridge as uncluttered as possible, this is proving to be more difficult than I imagined so I figured I'd try to slowly find creative ways to remove items one at a time. Hence, the menu board! Armed with an idea and the debit card, I was off to Michaels!

I found this 8x10 frame on clearance! Originally $29.99, I bought it for $14.99. Still waay more than I like to spend on a picture frame but hey, I was determined and this frame would fit our Italian-Wine themed kitchen perfectly!

These are the sticker letters I purchased (for $6.99, sigh) for the menu board. Once again they fit the theme pretty perfectly!

I took out the piece of glass from the frame and put it on top of the scrapbook paper I was planning on using as the background. I had this piece laying around so it saved me from having to buy it tonight. SCORE! Anyway. I traced the outline of the glass to be sure that I would have the right sized paper for the frame. Be sure to use pencil for the tracing! It's light and erasable, perfect for mistakes.

I spelled out "menu" across the top of my paper, and then put one letter down the side for each day of the week. Then I cut the paper to fit the frame.  

I reassembled the picture frame and VOILA! Wrote our menu for the next week on the glass with a dry erase marker, I'm in dire need of a new marker, and folded up and hid the 2 week menu behind the menu board.

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