Sunday, February 19, 2012

Organizing - Your Spice Cabinet

Oh man. My spice/baking cabinet was a disaster! At one point in time, it was really organized and pretty, I promise! But with finding new meals, came buying new ingredients and so this mess was born. I got so sick of having to dig through everything to find one spice, knocking over bottles and jars in the process. It needed reorganized. Badly.

A few months ago, I poured all my spices into small, 4oz I believe, mason jars. They even came with handy sticker labels. It looks a whole lot nicer than a bunch of different sized, plastic bottles, and it made them more accessible. They used to be stacked nicely, 3 tall, on the bottom shelf, you see how that went. sigh. 

First I emptied EVERYTHING out of the cabinet and wiped the shelves down. Then I threw away anything that was expired, or about to expire in the next month. I had a plan in my head, but our cabinet shelves just wouldn't allow that plan. I wanted my first shelf to only be a few inches above the bottom shelf. I'm only 5'3'' so I need to keep my most commonly used stuff easily accessible, hence the spices on the bottom shelf. Having our oil bottles lay sideways was a mess. No matter how tightly you screwed the lid on, they always leaked. I needed the oil to be able to stand. I explained my plan to my husband, who was less than thrilled that I had another project for him, but he grabbed the drill and made his own holes in the sides of the cabinets for the shelf..holders? Ya know, the clear plastic pieces that stick out of the sides of the cabinet to hold the shelf in place, the shelf holders. :)

Once he had that done, I started to refill my shelves. It looks so much better! And hopefully it will stay this clean and organized!! 


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