Monday, February 13, 2012

Crayon Art!

These little pieces are so much fun to make and to look at! The playroom walls are bare, Lauryn is just simply not old enough to fill them with her lovely masterpieces yet! So to Pinterest I went! Melted crayon art is all over the place and people are coming up with more and more creative ways to melt crayons into beautiful pieces of art. I wanted just a simple rainbow effect so I was off to find some, hopefully cheap, canvases and crayons.

I managed to snag a 5 pack of 16x20inch canvases at Michaels for just $19.99! SCORE!!! If I had the extra space to store them, I would have bought 2-3 packs! Such a great deal! And Target had a box of 240 Crayola crayons for just $6.99. So I snagged up 2 of those as well.

First step, SORT YOUR CRAYONS! It was a pain in the butt, but it prevented the possibility of gluing a yellow crayon right next to a pink one. For a 20 inch long canvas, 58 crayons fill it from one side to the other. So I tried to split my 8 crayon colors as evenly as possibly between that 58. Then just start hot gluing them onto the canvas. Use caution, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I burnt myself doing this project. Every.single.time. Damn hot glue.

 Tada. Crayon filled canvas! Once you get going, this part moves pretty fast.

Be sure to cover your work space with something, I just cut a garbage bag open and laid that over the counter and another for the floor. I made the mistake the first time around of not covering anything and spent a good 30 minutes remelting wax and wiping it off of my counter tops and floor. I didn't think it would splatter! Boy was I wrong! Once your workspace is covered go ahead and fire up your hair dryer. I used the high setting, which probably contributed to the splattering, but on low it took too long to melt. And I'm impatient. It's one of my faults. I'll admit it.

Once you have your wax melted, let it dry before you hang it. It doesn't take long to dry. Looks pretty neat, huh? The splattering did make for a cool effect on the bottom of the canvas.

Here are the 2 that I made for our daughters playroom. They definitely brighten it up a bit and were already starting to work on her colors so these will help!

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