Saturday, February 18, 2012

Organizing - Your Bathroom Cabinet

Yep, there it is in all its glory. This photo is actually from a few months ago when I went on a massive organizational spree before my husbands return. I'm embarrassed to even show this photo! It was bad! Nothing was organized, it was all just thrown in there. I needed to fix it!

So I went to walmart and bought some baskets, 4 to be exact, at $6.99 a piece. Then I traveled to in the hopes of finding a way to store my flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer, ect. 

I found this little gem on sale for $13.99!

Actually cleaning and organizing my cabinet didn't take too long, because I threw a ton of crap out! Those million mini bottles of body wash and lotion that you get every year for christmas? Ive had them for YEARS. I kept 1 for my "ready travel kit", 1 for the guest bathroom, which we always keep stocked with toiletries anyway, and 1 for emergencies. The rest, in the garbage. THAT cleared up a ton of space. 

I categorized my baskets into "hair care", "first aid/medicine" "feminine care" and "extras". The extras bin holds extra tubes of toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, loofahs, ect. 

I'm amazed at how much better the cabinet looks, and the fact that it STILL looks this way! It just goes to show how a few baskets can go a long way in making your space more manageable and appealing!

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