Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I'm "temporarily" back from my break, there's still a lot going on but I should be able to get back at this pretty steadily. As promised, heres my explanation!

1. We found out in March that my husband was being sent to Quantico as a TBS instructor. Therefore, we need to move! We leave in less than 2 weeks now! So Ive been busy trying to find us housing, and getting the movers all set up. Let me tell you, finding a house, when youre not even in the same state, is ridiculously hard and frustrating. Not to mention, because were going to be 35 miles from DC, rent is expensive, and Ive been trying to factor in traffic when deciding on a place. Its been frustrating, and I have spent many nights lying awake wondering, scared to death that we wouldnt have a place to live! I FINALLY found an apartment that will suffice until we can get base housing again, only problem being its 1000sq feet less than what were in now. And Im TERRIFIED! Thankfully they have since offered us a 3 bedroom with almost 200 extra sq. feet so, we'll be cramped, but not as cramped. Then came financial worries. We had 1 1/2 months notice before moving. We have some money in savings, but not enough to cover rent for the first month, plus a pet fee, and still have a comfortable enough amount left in savings! But God is good, and we discovered that we will get a good deal of financial help from the military, displacement money. THANK GOODNESS! I can sleep well now!

2. Lauryns first birthday is approaching faster than I would like it too. So Ive been busting my butt preparing for that as well. Making decorations (dont worry there will be an entire post about it after her party!), planning, making goodies, researching the cheapest bulk candy. Lots of stuff going on with the party!

3. Making household repairs before our move. My husband so skillfully melted the vinyl siding on our back patio with his grill. Knowing that we will be charged an arm and a leg, and possibly our first born if we allow housing to fix it, were doing it ourselves. We've since ordered and picked up the siding from Lowes, have yet to put it up. Sigh.

4. Yard sale! We held our first yardsale yesterday. And made a ridiculous amount of money (more for the moving fund yay!)! I was shocked. People will buy ANYTHING. Im talking candles that were 3/4 melted, sold for like $1 each! Why on Earth you would want that, Im not sure, but whatever, cash in my pocket and crap out of my house! We managed to sell a loooot of stuff, which is great since we wont have a whole lot of space when we move!

And thats been about the extent of it. Ive just been super swamped with everything. I say that Im back temporarily from my break because Im not sure how soon we'll have internet connection once we move. Hopefully we'll have it up and running within a few days. Just know that another mini break may be coming, but I'll return. :)

Onto Easter goodness! This was our girls second Easter! Its hard to believe! She was barely a week old last year when we got her picture taken with the Easter bunny. Look how teeny tiny she was!!! :(

She got to help mama boil eggs this year! She got a kick out of dropping them into the pot! Such a chef!

She thought this was even better than dropping them into the pot. Thank goodness the dye doesnt stain because it was everywhere!

She made these all by herself. And let me tell you, she.was.proud! I made a few crackled eggs but of course I forgot to take pictures. oops.

And of course then she HAD to eat one! Which she loved. She ate an entire egg. I was shocked. Theyre a lunch staple now!

A new family tradition. Last night before we put Lauryn to bed, we planted a few "magic" jelly beans in the yard.

And look what our magic beans sprouted! Flower lollipops! Sadly, Im a mean mommy and dont allow her to have candy (although I did give her a bite of chocolate today, see Im lenient sometimes!) but they looked cute!

Ahhhahahaha! Look at that face! This kid about died over her Easter baskets. Being a parent is awesome!

 Bunny and cross whole wheat banana pancakes were this Easter's breakfast!

And we finished the morning with a classic Easter egg hunt! She thought 2 of the eggs were spectacular, and didnt care about the others, so daddy and I had to collect them for her.

Hope you all had an amazing Easter with your family and friends!

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