Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St.Patricks Day!

Forgive me for not posting so much lately, there is soooo much going on for us right now! This will more than likely be my last post for a few weeks, I'll explain later! But I wanted to leave yall with a few pictures from our lame St.Patricks Day celebration. Celebration probably isnt even the right word, but it snuck up on me so fast! I didnt have time to prepare like I wanted! Next year will be better! I promise!!

She loved her St.Pattys breakfast! Green whole wheat pancakes, green grapes, green milk and a green sippy cup, all to match her green shirt, bib, and bows! I made sure no one was going to pinch her today!

I loved her outfit today! Unfortunately she wasnt in it long. It was SOOO hot today! So...

So, we busted out her amazeballs zebra pool and let her go for a swim after a picnic lunch in our front yard! Too bad she didnt have a green swimsuit!

And of course we ended the day with dessert. A green filled cupcake! They were super tasty by the way!

Again, sorry for the lame post, and the lack of posting coming up, I will explain all soon!!!

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