Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crafted a Bird Feeder

We're finally moved and somewhat settled in our new apartment. Still a few boxes to unpack and quite a bit of organizing to do but we're getting there! We're still waiting for our wireless internet, let me tell you, I dont miss the days of being tied down to the ethernet cable AT ALL!

We have a nice little balcony off of our living room and the first morning we woke up here, I saw a few birds perched on the railing. So I thought, how neat would it be to put up a bird feeder? Plus I knew Lauryn would LOVE looking out the sliding glass door and seeing them! So I devised a plan and set off for Walmart! It was a super cheap project and looks nice. Im contemplating painting the bird feeder eventually but for now, it will do as is.

Materials Needed:

10 inch surface protector ring (-)$3
8 inch terra cotta planter plate $2.15
A roll of Jute twine $3
Bird seed $4
Ceiling hooks or a way to hang the feeder when finished

First I drilled a small hole in each of the legs of the surface protector ring. This took quite a bit of effort because the plastic was so strong but I eventually got through it.

Next, make a web with your jute twine. It doesnt have to be fancy, its just going to be used as a resting place for the planter plate.

I then measured 6 24inch long pieces of jute. I tied the twine to another piece of twine coming out of each hole. Pull your strings up and bring them together in the middle. Tie a knot near the top of the jute. This is where your feeder will hang from.

We were able to use 2 metal hooks and screw them into the roof of our balcony. Its pretty darn sturdy! Although if we happen to get any bad storms, Ill at least take the planter plate off and set that aside. Wouldnt want that falling off the third floor!

Fill your planter plate with bird seed (Ill be making my own once this bag is empty!) and voila! Youve just made a bird feeder for about $12! I cant wait to snap a picture of the very first visitor!

Again, now that were getting more and more settled each day, Im hoping to be able to get back at this! Ive come up with a ton of new ideas during my break and I cant wait to share them with you! So stay tuned!

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