Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Shoutout! - Rants From Mommyland

Happy Mother's Day! I figured its only fitting to do a Sunday Shoutout on a blog for mommies on Mother's Day so thats just what were going to do!

If you have not made Rants From Mommyland a part of your daily routine yet, you are missing out! Its a hilariously comical blog about mommyhood. From wiping noses, wiping butts, stereotypes, and an inspiring need to help those in need, Kate, Lydia, and Guru Louise have it all covered.

I honestly feel as though some days they are peeking in my windows and using my life as their next blog post. Theres no other possible explanation as to how they know so much!

Heres a little excerpt from their blog, on whether RFML is the right blog for you!:

"If however, you experience the (completely understandable) urge to commit homicide when your husband says he'll be home by 7 and then you call him at 7:15 and he's still at his desk, while you attempt to cook over the din of screaming children, unload the dishwasher for the third time, and wipe off other people's bodily fluids - stay put. We like you already.

MommyLand is just right for folks who love their families but sometimes wonder:
  • Is it supposed to be this hard?*
  • Is this normal? 
  • What on earth is that smell?
  • I love you so much but do you have to keep wiping your nose on me?
  • If we laugh at everything, does it all make easier and more fun?
The answers are yes, yes, we have no idea, yes and even yesser.  Welcome to MommyLand! We're so glad you're here."
So head on over to RFML and check them out! I pinky promise you wont be disappointed!

And again, Happy Mother's Day to you ladies, you cape-less Heros you!

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